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    You're losing patients in Dubai

    Google records more than 1 billion health related searches every day. If even 1% of those searches are patients looking for services, that’s 10 million every day. With these numbers, if not even a 1000 reach out to you, There's clearly something you’re doing wrong. Let’s see what that is.

    Relying on ads
    Advertisments sound great on paper. But they are relatively expensive and give short-term results for any business.
    Website lost in space
    Your website has to come under the fingers of your patients. How many times have you went to ‘page 2’ of Google?
    Working on your own
    It’s tempting to work alone and cut costs. But there’s only so much you can control without compromising on quality.

    What it takes to make it to the 1st page

    A spot in the top page has to be earned, and there are hundreds of things to keep in mind. Although the Google algorithm focuses on many factors to filter out the top websites, most are interconnected. But there are some things which just cannot be missed.

    customer experience certification

    Medical keywords

    Use the medical keywords which your patients use. If you think like your patients, they’ll reach your website sooner.

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    Need for Speed

    Patients are impatient. Your website needs to have shorter loading times to attract them and be the top site.

    mobile app development dubai

    Focused Content

    Writing content that already exists doesn’t work. Because it already exists. Build unique content for your patients.

    digital marketing aim


    People change, the words they use change, google algorithm changes accordingly. Your SEO needs consistent updates.

    Medical SEO is a necessity, not a luxury in Dubai

    If you want to survive in the healthcare sector, you need SEO. No questions asked. Think of it as oxygen for your website. It doesn’t just make your website exist; it makes it LIVE. Implementing SEO sets off a chain reaction that skyrockets your business through various angles.

    Reduce Costs
    SEO significantly reduces your costs to bring in patients. Less expensive, more effective
    Gain credibility
    Patients worldwide will trust you because Google will get them to. Popularity breeds credibility.
    Get recognised
    Reaching the first page means more patients find you. You will be the go-to site for medical services
    Grow & Scale
    Spilling over from the low costs, high popularity and trust, comes greater ROI. SEO is a great asset.

    How to pick the SEO agency in Dubai that's right for YOU?

    There are thousands of SEO agencies out there, all claiming to be the best. But not all are best for you. Look for the agency that really LISTENS. Takes out time for you. Gets invested in helping you succeed.

    Are they transparent?
    Effective communication of the methods applied ensures credibility
    Look for experience
    Past successes imply that there are more to come.
    Talk comes first
    Speak to the agency and see they can deliver what YOU need
    Instant results = Red Flag
    Unrealistic promises are nothing but fish baits.
    Personalized Plan
    Every business needs a unique SEO strategy. Look for customization.
    Beware of Pricing
    Recognition doesn’t come cheap. If you’re getting attracted to lower rates, you’re attracting low results

    No, we’re not claiming that that’s us

    But you can find that yourself. See if we’re the right fit for YOU
    47+ Sastisfied Clients Globally

    Ready to increase your sales?

    We won’t tell you that we can make you the number one site in 10 days. We won’t tell that we’ll skyrocket your business in no time.

    But we can tell you that you will see amazing results with time. You will see that your only regret will be that you didn’t meet us sooner. You will see your true potential.

    More Visibility on Google
    More Leads & Sales
    Ethical SEO Practices
    Getting results in 1 month
    Unrealistic Promises
    Wasting Your Money

    Be in the top 10 medical sites

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      Now that you have the information, couldn’t you just do this on your own? You sure could, if you do not wish to see the best results. What you know is just the tip of the SEO iceberg. If you start working with it, you’ll know it will not work.

      That depends. It depends on who your competitors are and how they are doing. SEO is not something that will show you instant results, it’s a process that will give you increasing returns with time. It only gets better. On average, you’ll see significant results in 3-4 months. But there are always exceptional cases.

      Of course! We’re always happy to help you. In fact, to ensure that you’re comfortable, we encourage you to take free consultation from us, personalized for your targets.

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