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97% of consumers go online when looking for a home service. If you’re not strong in the net, your market is the other 3%.

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    Are you on the right path for your business?

    There are countless homes around you. Plenty that need servicing on a regular basis. Clearly then, there’s no reason for you to be short of leads and clients. It’s simple economics. The demand is exceeding supply. So, if you’re facing trouble growing your home service business, there’s something you’re doing wrong. Let’s look at the most common mistakes.

    Unfocused marketing
    Relying on word-of-mouth marketing or not reaping the benefits of your local market can hold you back.

    Disregarding competition

    Your competition is just as important as your business. You know what impact ignoring it can have.
    Staying old-school
    The world is going online. But many home service company still mistakenly swear solely by their offline clientele.

    Maintaining your home maintenance company

    Okay, so you’ve moved online, now what? Where are the promised leads? The answer: Hidden behind Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Proper SEO shows your website to the potential clients. It makes the demand meet your supply. Without the correct SEO plan, your maintenance business is just as good as being offline. SEO improves your business from different angles.

    Reach more homes

    When your website begins giving content that is line with what your audience wants, you’re going to reach more prospects every day.

    Become a name

    With more visitors, come more clients. As you start building this client community online, you’ll also build this reputation and aura of loyalty with your service.

    Increased profits

    An SEO significantly cuts your marketing costs, while being more productive investment. It’ll give your business more room to book profits.

    Sell while you sleep

    A proper SEO plan works 24*7. Even if you’re not actively working, SEO is. You’ll be able to get leads and build a client base with minimum effort.

    SEO: Behind the scenes

    If you’ve ever seen an SEO service claim to could get you exponentially positive results in no time, be rest assured that it’s a scam. SEO is a long-drawn-out process. There’s a lot that goes on behind crafting of the perfect SEO plan.

    Research, loads of it
    No SEO can be successful without sufficient research pre-implementation. Good research is essential to create an actionable plan.
    Website refurbish
    With the personalised action plan in place, the next step is revamping of the website in order cover all the relevant SEO aspects.
    Informative content
    Humans are simple. They like feeling knowledgeable. If you do that with your content, clients are bound to stick to your service.
    Attracting Google
    It all leads up to this. Every step in the SEO plan is to impress Google’s algorithm. This is what gets your website to Google results’ 1st page.

    Perfecting SEO in the home service industry.

    There’s a world of difference between SEO and good SEO. And this difference is quite evidently seen in the results they bring.While understanding each input for a proper SEO might be complicated, these are few simple things which are worth mentioning.

    Strong connections
    Getting other websites to link your website is relevant. These links are called backlinks.
    Consistent content
    Posting informative content is not enough. Being regular and active tells your clients that you are updated.
    Regular maintenance
    SEO is something that will need continuous work and updates. You need to change with the times.
    Going local
    Forgetting about your local audience is a common mistake when going online. Local SEO needs special focus.
    Faster = Better
    Clients are impatient. Which makes your website’s loading speed is a crucial factor for SEO. The quicker it loads, the better you rank.
    Power of words
    Keywords sit at the core of SEO. But this doesn’t filling your site with common ones. Extensive research comes first. Letting attracted to lower rates, you’re attracting low results

    Too much to handle?

    Don’t worry, we know what to do. We’ll create an incredible SEO plan for you.
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